Requirements and Proposals

As an android application “DreamCurtains” is strongly recommended to be installed in the tablets with specifications as follows:

  • 3GB RAM memory
  • Quad core processors with 1.9 GHz. 

In order to work easily with “DreamCurtains” Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets are proposed from our side.

One of the precious advantages of “DreamCurtains” is to create different designs on customers environment. To do this, the most important thing is to have a good and high quality image of your customers enviroment. As application “DreamCurtains” itself offers you option to take image of your customers room. But sometimes you need is to take the image as panorama. In this cases our proposal is to use Google Camera, which you can download it from Google Play Store. Through Google Camera by connecting 9 points you will obtain a very useful and high quality panoramic image of your customers room. You should pay attention that Google Camera is working just on the Samsung tablets. This is also another reason why our proposal to you for tablet selection are Samsung tablets.

After you have finished your work, you may want to arrange the brightness and sharpness of your design. So all you need is to save your design on your device gallery and to open it in Snapseed photo editing application, which is also downloadable in the Google Play Store, you can easily edit your image brightness and sharpness properties and obtain a high visuality image.

The above stated proposals are going to ease your work with “DreamCurtains” and provides you to create beautiful designs.