Why should dealers use DreamCurtains?

As a curtain dealer with DreamCurtains you can add virtual content over real-life images and clear
off all questions on your clients mind.

General questions that you face in converstaions with your clients:

Curtain is beautiful but how it would look in the model?
1. By using DreamCurtainswith only one click you can show to your clients how the curtains will look in
the model.

Courtains seems nice but how is going to be looked in my room or is going to match with other
furnitures ?

2. As an Android application the most precious advantage is that in a fast way, only in 2-3 minutes,
you can wear your clients windows with curtains and show them different and beautiful designs.
Through this option you can end your clients hesitations.

What adds to my showroom?

3. DreamCurtains is a great tool for presentation. As a curtain dealer in your showroom you may have
hundreds of collection, and you cannot bulk all of these curtains in order to show to your
customers. Through DreamCurtains you can show all clothes with various styles, decorations, in
customer room or in other rooms and improve purchase desire of your customers.

Don’t you have a curtain catalogue?

4. DreamCurtains can transform printed publication such as catalogue into an interactive experience. By
using DreamCurtains you can have access into your all vendors catalogues in your tablet and by
saving your designs you can create your own catalogue.

Addition to them you are going to have Calculation and Identification of Clients Order services.

So don’t think more and help yourself by using DreamCurtains…